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Road trip duo celebrate “milestone” Great British Climb

August 19, 2015 Comments (0) News

Brits free Norwegian north face

The super-strong British team attempting to free a 400m Norwegian aid line has succeeded, climbing through the night to send the final pitches before a storm hit.

It was a pretty close run thing – Jacob Cook


Dave MacLeod, Calum Muskett and Jacob Cook have claimed the first free ascent of Disko 2000 (8a+, 400m) on Blamman. They had been attempting the line since early August and are understood to have topped out on Monday.

Jacob posted on his Facebook page: “We did it! SO PSYCHED to have made the first free ascent of Disko 2000 (8a+, 400m) on Blamman, Norway with Dave Macleod and Calum Muskett.

It was a pretty close run thing. On our summit push Dave and I climbed through the night, the whole time we could see a big storm approaching. I was seconding the last pitch as the heavens opened and we were both soaked to the skin, amazing timing!”

Dave had spied the line four years ago on a Gore-Tex Experience Tour trip when he made the first free ascent of Bongo Bar (400m, 8a).

Judging by the photos on various blogs and social media pages, it was a bit chilly at times with snow patches lurking below the awesome north face.

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