• the best of all worlds

    September 4, 2015 Comments (0) Thoughts

    I’m off to Alicante tomorrow with a good bunch of mates, and you know what? I don’t much care that there’s lots of sport and trad. Blasphemy! I hear you shout. Worry not, I’ve not gone soft – yet – but I will do when I’m there. Soft and wrinkly in the briny sea, because …

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  • Tom Livingstone’s Great Summer

    August 28, 2015 Comments (0) Features

    Tom Livingstone is a 24-year old climber with a penchant for trad, winter and alpine – “the bigger and harder, the better”. Super-motivated and up for a fight (on the rock) and a party, he’s set out to live “the greatest summer” and is determined to “up my game, push my

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  • Scottish boulderers get national league

    August 27, 2015 Comments (0) News

    Scottish boulderers will get to pit themselves against each other this autumn and winter after the Mountaineering Council of Scotland (MCofS) and members of the Scottish Climbing Wall Network (SCWN) teamed up to launch the first national league since the 1980s. The new Scottish National Bouldering League (SNBL),

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  • Are you local?

    August 26, 2015 Comments (0) Thoughts

    Getting home from work at about 6pm, a little invigorated from my cycle ride but still basically stupefied by the office, I ponder what to do. I could lie back with a cup of tea, or nip out and buy some beer. I could do some cooking, read my book. But the evening is young and I …

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  • Book Review: In Some lost Place

    August 24, 2015 Comments (0) Review

    – Are you training for Everest? – No, obviously, otherwise I’d be trudging up a loose rubbish dump covered from head to toe in down and plastic, instead of clinging to an acutely overhanging boulder in nothing but a pair of shorts and a woolly hat! That’s what we ought to say, isn’t is.

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